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Pump Head - Fits Automatic and Manual Erec-Tech 2000 ED Penile Pump

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The classic design of the BOS-2000-2 has been a customers' favorite for over 20 years. The BOS-2000-2 pump head has a push-button motor that is powered by 2- AA batteries, to give lasting results in a short period of time. The simple design of this pump head allows the user to activate the motor with minimal effort.  

The Bos-2000-2 pump head has a safety release valve, which will only allow an adequate amount of vacuum to be created. This is a safety feature and will prevent any injury. 


  • Weight: 7.5oz
  • Dimensions: 4" x 2.5"
  • Power: Automatic (2 AA batteries, included)
  • Max Pressure: 16 PSI
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Compatibility: Attaches to Standard Penile Tube and Large Penile Tube

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