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Tornado Body Dryer - Electric Full-Body Hands-Free Drying Unit

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The Tornado Body Dryer is a full-length, in-shower drying system that enables you to dry your body evenly from head to toe from the comfort of your warm shower enclosure. 
It is equipped with 186 air jets engineered to evenly blow swirls of warm air that surround your body with a gentle breeze. Easily installed in the shower, it provides a delightful drying experience while staying in your warm shower enclosure. Perfect for individuals with limited mobility or sensitive skin, the Tornado Body Dryer is the most pleasant and hygienic way to dry yourself in minutes.


  • While still in the shower, dry your body evenly from head to toe in minutes; no need to step out of the warm shower onto the slippery bathroom floor to achieve a comfortable drying experience
  • Ideal for those with sensitive skin, limited mobility such as Alzheimer’s, or difficulty bending/stretching to dry hard-to-reach body areas, as well as amputees; you can be fully dry whether standing or seating
  • Precisely-engineered patented air tube evenly propels swirls of powerful yet gentle warm air over the entire body, providing a Spa-like experience
  • Pressure switch for medium or full air flow can be positioned on the floor or the wall for easy activation
  • Energy-saving and environment-friendly: eliminates the washing/drying of towels and the shower itself; reduces condensation, mold, mildew and germs in the bathroom


  • Attractive, durable ABS plastic casing
  • Securely and easily attaches to shower wall
  • Two speed settings, simple and safe to operate
  • Powerful, energy efficient 220v / 12.5amp motor
  • Proven reliability / 10-Year warranty

1. How does it work?
The top of the dryer (called the “pod”) contains a heating element, a fan and a motor to power the fan. Attached to the underside of the pod and forming the leg of the dryer is an air tube. The air tube contains holes, or air jets. When the dryer is turned on, the fan forces warmed air down the tube and out of the air jets.

The specially designed air tube causes the air to circulate in a swirling motion throughout your shower and the force of the air is almost the same at the bottom as that exiting at the top, thus promoting the even drying of the entire body from head to toe. 

The design of the air tube and the resulting air flow is so unique that it has been granted a patent!

2. Is it safe?
Yes! The dryer is perfectly safe to operate within the shower. To ensure safety, the dryer must be installed by a qualified electrician following the instructions provided. These instructions include routing the electrical cable outside the shower area and connecting to a power source utilizing a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter).  

3. How strong is the air blowing out of the air jets?
The body dryer produces a gentle, warm breeze that dries you by accelerating the evaporation of the moisture on your body and also any fixtures within the shower enclosure. 

4. How warm is the air that comes out of the air jets?

The air coming out of the jets will feel comfortably warm, but not excessively hot. Since the dryer circulates air within the shower enclosure (warming it during the process), the actual temperature coming out of the dryer is partially dependent on the temperature of the air going in (i.e., the temperature in the room). The air coming out will be 5 to 7ºF warmer than the temperature in the room.

5. How long will it take to dry my body after showering?

Research indicated that a typical individual spends about 2 minutes drying off with a towel. However, they do not get totally dry after 2 minutes because the towel becomes damp and there may be some hard-to-reach areas that are difficult t o dry, especially for the physically challenged.

It may take up to one more minute to dry with the Tornado Body Dryer than with a towel. The time required by any specific user will vary depending on the shower enclosure, body size, body hair, etc. As example, a very large person or one with an abundance of body hair will take a little longer to dry, as will a person in a wheelchair.

Interestingly, while the drying time is relatively short, many users (especially women) report that they stay in the shower longer just to enjoy the luxurious, spa-like experience created by the warm, swirling air. 

6. I have limited mobility. Will the Body Dryer work for me?
Most definitely! The Tornado Body Dryer is ideal for those with physical challenges. The specially designed air tube ensures that swirling, warm air reaches most parts of your body even if you must remain standing or seated in one position. It even dries your chair!  

7. How do you turn it on and off?

The unit comes with a pressure-activated (bellows) switch that can be placed on the shower floor for foot activation, or mounted on the wall for hand activation. The switch provides three positions (off, low-speed and high-speed). 

8. Can the unit be used with a bathtub or walk-in tub instead of a shower?

It certainly can, but the way it is installed will differ from the typical in-shower installation.
The Body Dryer is designed to be installed on a wall that allows the Dryer to be flat up against the wall from top to bottom, and come to rest on the floor. bathtubs and walk-in tubs typically have ledges, or rims around the top of the tub and these ledges/rims will not allow for a head-to-toe installation flat against the wall. However, this can be easily overcome:
The most obvious solution is to install the Dryer on a wall just outside of the tub.
As an alternative, a block of painted wood or plastic can be attached to the wall and the Dryer’s mounting bracket and pod would be affixed to the block, thereby allowing the air tube to clear the ledge/rim and extend straight down into the tub. 

9. In the Body Dryer energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly?
Absolutely! The unit operates on 220v/12.5 amps. Nominal output is 2.9 Kilowatts, and the Body Dryer costs only a mere 2 cents per use. It consumes 70 to 90% less energy compared to washing/drying towels. It protects the environment by eliminating the water and polluting detergents used to wash towels. Also, because it also dries the shower and fixtures such as a wheelchair, it considerably reduces the risk of mold and germs in the shower. 

10. What maintenance is required?

There is no maintenance required other than ensuring the air intake and air jets remain clear of obstructions. The motor, heating element and fan are all contained in the sealed pod. The pod should not be opened and the components are not to be tampered with

11. How is the Tornado Body Dryer different from the others?

The  Tornado Body Dryer is not the only after-shower body dryer on the market… It’s just the best!!
  • None of the other models can be installed directly in the shower. They require you to step out of your warm shower, drip across the slippery bathroom floor, get chilled and dry in a separate area. So you have to go from warm air to cold air to get warm and dry off. Why not just stay where you are, nice and warm?
  • One of the other models dries by blowing water off your body. The force of air is so harsh that you feel like a car in a car wash.
  • With some dryers, the air blows only from above or only from below, drying your head or your legs much quicker than the rest of your body. In contrast, the Body Dryer is a full-body length air tube with an amazing 186 air jets that dry you evenly from head to toe.
  • Other dryers take up so much space you either need a very large shower or a good-sized space outside of the shower to install it. The tornado is very slim and takes very little space.
  • Certain other brands look like the Tornado on the outside but the difference is in the inside. The Tornado Body Dryer is specifically assembled and wired to meet the codes and operate properly in the USA. All other dryers with the same or similar outer shell are not approved or authorized for sale in the USA.